Pioneers of excellence

PMA, is a reality which has boosted its presence on the viticulture and winemaking market over the years thanks to the winning combination of a rural history and a forward-looking entrepreneurial vision. Competence, passion and innovation are the core values characterizing an activity able to be the leader in the sector, both when it comes to the sale and distribution of agricultural machines, as well as to the supply of global services for the cutting-edge wine cellars.

Masters of viticulture

Thanks to its dynamic spirit and sincere attention to the needs of its customers as well as great experience, PMA is able to offer a wide range of high-level services that cover all aspects of viticulture at 360 degrees. Only in this way, we are always able to respond in the fastest and the best way to the constant evolution of the sector in all of its aspects. The common objective is to make our customers produce grapes of the highest quality.

The state of the art of the oenology

Wine and grapes have always been a true heritage of our country. An absolute excellence that boasts a very high market value if managed by skilled and experienced experts like those working for PMA. It is a long process to obtain wine in the bottle from grapes and there are some fundamental elements such as: global consultancy, strategic planning and the impeccable realization of perfect winemaking systems. Everything is completed with the supply of cutting-edge equipment and machines.

Iconic signs the revolution of the packaging

It has always been one of the most important aspects for the production and for the creation of a functional brand, packaging is a field where experience and innovation make the difference in the race to market leadership in every sector. Nowadays, ICONIC stands for the maximum expression of packaging: from the simplest to the most complex projects, the result always offers top quality thanks to a perfect mix of consulting, design, technology and functionality.